The Punters

By The Punters

  1. The Lucozade #1
    The Lucozade #2
    The Merry Blacksmith
  2. Nothin’ But The Same Old Story
  3. Walkin’ On A Wire
  4. ‘49
  5. Gan Ainm
    The Gortnatubrid
  6. Like Ya Would
  7. How Long?
  8. Julia Delaney
    The Banshee
  9. Faith In You
  10. Ferryland Sealer
  11. Full Emile Deal
    The Gypsy
  12. Bonnie Brown Hair

One comment

The Punters: Self-Titled Album

1995 album.

On the album:
- Jason Whelan (electric guitars/bouzouki/vocals)
- Larry Foley (accoustic guitar/vocals)
- Patrick Moran (fiddle/vocals)
- Brian Kenny (fretted & fretless bass)
- George Morgan (drums/percussion)

Song and tune composer information:
- The Lucozade (Patrick Moran)
- Nothin’ But The Same Old Story (Paul Brady)
- Walkin’ On A Wire (Richard Thompson)
- ‘49, Like Ya Would, How Long?, Faith In You (Jason Whelan)
- The Gortnatubrid (Seamus Creagh)
- Full Emile Deal (Emile Benoit)
- The Gypsy (Dave Panting)