By Poitín

Added by Gianni .
  1. Paddy Fahy’s
    Leitrim Fancy
    Sean Bui
  2. The Broomfield Wager.
  3. Magpie In The Nest
    Chicken Fight
  4. The Handsome Cabin Boy.
  5. My Maryanne
    Tommy Peoples’
    Kitty Gone A Milking
  6. Farewell To Uist
    Drumgola Waltz
  7. Autumn Song.
  8. Poor But Happy At 53
    The Road To Errogie
    Sporting Paddy
  9. How I Wish.
  10. Scully Casey’s
    Poitin Still
  11. Arthur McBride.
  12. Richard’s
    Willy Wink’s
    Blue Bear
    Bill Sullivan’s
  13. Cold, Haily, Windy Night.
  14. The Wedding
    Swinging On The Gate
    Palmer’s Gate
  15. The Liberty.