The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience

By The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience

  1. The Sands Of Loch Bee
    Walter Douglas MBE
    Greenwood Side
    The Munster Hop
  2. Dashing White Sergeant
    John MacNeill
    The Clumsy Lover
    Dashing White Sergeant (repeated)
  3. St. Bernard’s
    Rosin The Bow
    Jock O’ Hazledean
    St.Bernard’s (repeated)
  4. Morrison’s
    The Kesh
    Geese In The Bog
    Morrison’s (repeated)
  5. Captain Carswell
    Callum Keith Rooney
    Simon MacKenzie’s Welcome To His Twin Sisters
  6. Mrs. MacLeod Of Raasay
    My Kindly Sweetheart
    St.Kilda Wedding
    Rachel Rae
    Keep It Up
    Gan Ainm
    Highlandman Kissed His Mother
    Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
  7. MacLeof Of Mull
    The Heights Of Cassino
    Jean Mauchline
  8. Orange Blossom Special
    Blackberry Blossom
    Arkansas Traveller
    Turkey In The Straw
  9. Ashley’s (Strathspey)
    The Braes O’ Mar
    The Rannoch
    Dundas Castle
  10. Kathie Macdonald

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The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience - Electric Landlady

2007 electric ceilidh album.

Their website:

Available on Bandcamp:

Led by: Sandy Brechin

Featuring: Greg Borland, Allan Brown, John Currie, Chris Day, Aaron Jones, Colin MacFarlane, William Oke, John Sikorski, David Taylor, Jim Walker, Pete Clark, Ronan Martin, Gavin Marwick, Chris Agnew, Eoghain Anderson and Roy Waterston

Tune names pulled from All Celtic Music: