Foxy Laddie

By The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience

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The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience - Foxy Laddie

2019 album.

Second album of this electric ceilidh band.

Their website:

Available on Bandcamp:

And at Brechin All Records:

Led by Sandy Brechin.

Featuring: Greg Borland, Alison Smith, Pete Clark, Ronan Martin, Marcos Watt, Aly Macrae, Peter Brady, Gary West, John Currie, David Taylor, Stuart Nisbet, Colin Macfarlane, Chris Agnew, William Oke, Richie Werner, Steve Kettley, and, Brandi Sequin.

Re: Foxy Laddie

Sandy is some lad. Wonder what instrument Brandi Sequin plays.