Orkney Fire

By Fiona Driver

  1. Fire & Water
  2. Craiglands
    The Brookfield Girls
  3. St. Peter’s Bay
  4. The New Year
    Siani’s Trip Sooth
    38 Step
  5. Graham In A Tent
    The Dingieshowe
    Bash The Coconut
  6. Circles & Squares
  7. PM’s Trip To Weston
    Alastair Driver’s 50 Birthday
    Mats & Rice
    The Mini Surprise
  8. The Black Craig
  9. Toast-a-Mouse
    Tiny & Flo
  10. Johnnie Grant Of Rothiemurchus
    Pauline’s Wedding
    Simpson Swing
  11. The Pea Picking Tune
    The Lost (jig)
    The Benny
  12. Fiona’s Tune
    Lena Simpson Of Waterhall
  13. Beware Of The Deadly Night Chickens
    Dancing On The Rock
    The Hamnavoe (reel)
  14. Fidgarth
  15. Rats & Kippers
    The Rendall