An Daou Du

By Zonk

  1. The Burnham
    Bold Doherty
  2. The Abbey
    Trip To Nenagh
    Mortgage Burn
    The Lost Padlle
  3. Cape Clear
  4. The Harp And The Shamrock
    Considine’s Grove
    The Sheperd’s Daughter
  5. Tim Hobin’s
    The Orphan
    The Hairy Pick
  6. The Ferry Crossing
    Peata Geal Mo Mhathair
    Waiting For Begley

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Re: An Daou Du

Yuna Léon: Fiddle (Tan De’i, Kemperceili, duo Léon)
Kenan Guernallec: Piano (Scone, Spring Barley)
Jaouen Le Goic: Diatonic Accordions (Skirienn, BD Swing Orchestra)
Ronan Le Dissez: Bombard, Wooden Flute (Darhaou, E-Leizh)

The group Zonk was created in 2009 on the occasion of the accordion festival in Cavan (22), around renowned musicians of the traditional Breton scene from Rennes, Yuna Léon, Kenan Guernalec and Jaouen Le Goic.

In 2013, the trio released their 1st album on the Ride on Music label and distributed by Coop Breizh.
The repertoire combines Fest-Noz and Ireland. The fiddle accordion duo, between subtelty and energy, is supported by a piano inspired by the Breton swing, jazz harmonies and Irish Ceili Band.

track 5

Re: An Daou Du

This is actually a double album released in 2019. First CD is dedicated to Breton "fest noz" music and second CD is dedicated to Irish music.