C Sharp

By C Sharp

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C Sharp: Self-Titled Album

Released March 2020.

Available at Bandcamp:

On the album:
- Roisin Magee (fiddle)
- Hugh Mulholland (banjo/mandolin)
- Patrick Magee (banjo/mandolin)
- Cillian Darragh (flute/whistle)
- Shane McCormack (bodhran)
- Anthony Totten (guitar)

Re: C Sharp; Well worth a listen

Good listening. Fine unison playing at nice steady pace, and great choice of tunes.
One of few albums (even if EP) where I like every track, and have added every tune to my ‘tunebook’ of abc files, (8 new, 4 already there). An ever increasing number of tunes I must learn /play.
Just too many good tunes out there; currently 1100 in my collection.
Maybe time to delete some of the many that I know well enough, but am not mad about as tunes, There simply in because they tend to get played a lot, so ‘need to know’ ?