By Land And By Sea

By Dave Jolly

  1. Barrack Street
    Black Joke
  2. Andrew Rose
  3. Miller And The Lass
    Sussex Bonny Breast Knot
    Double Lead Through
  4. Farewell To The Gold
  5. Going To The Well For Water
    Trip To Sproughton
  6. Flash Company
  7. Arthur McBride
  8. Gilliver
  9. Inniskilling Dragoon
  10. Trim-Rig Doxie
  11. Hamish McTavish
    Yer Pig’s On Fire
  12. Shenandoah
    John Black

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Dave Jolly - By Land and By Sea

2012 album.

Available on Bandcamp:

He plays melodeon & concertina on the album.

All tunes/songs listed as traditional, except:
— TJ’s, Trip To Sproughton, John Black, Hamish McTavish, Yer Pig’s On Fire (Dave Jolly)
— Gilliver (words Roger Watson, music Colin Cater)
— Farewell To The Gold (Paul Mesters)