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  1. Taking On Men
  2. Paddy Whack
    Coffee Bridge
    Spirit Of Whiskey
  3. Fiesta
  4. Iain MacPhail’s Compliments To Chrissie Leatham
    Cooper Of Stannerton Heugh
    One-Horned Sheep
  5. The Snow It Melts The Soonest
  6. Redeside
    Kyloe Burn
  7. Neil Taylor’s
    Fourth Of February
    Strawberries Galore
  8. Last Shift
  9. Reel De Mattawa
    Wedding Bells
  10. Cutty’s
    Firth House
  11. Risty Gulley
    Geld Him, Lasses
    Apprentice Lads Of Alnwick
  12. I Drew My Ship Into A Harbour

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Alistair Anderson & Northlands: Self-Titled Album

2017 album.

Available on Bandcamp:

They are:
– Alistair Anderson (English concertina/Northumbrian pipes)
– Sophy Ball (fiddle/nyckelharpa)
– Sarah Hayes (flute/vocals)
– Ian Stephenson (guitar/double bass/piano)