Streams. Number 1

By Tom Oakes and Julian Sutton

  1. Route To Blue
  2. Boxism
  3. Bourrée

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Re: Streams. Number 1

One take and one microphone. The Streams (Of Consciousness) series is an ongoing EP project by Tom Oakes consisting of ‘in the moment’ recordings made with friends new and old.

Julian Sutton is lovingly known as ‘The Picasso of the Melodeon’ and is perhaps Tom’s longest term collaborator. They met in Newcastle founding the genre busting Auvo Quartet together and enjoyed tours of Scandinavia and the UK. This recording made last September contains a tune each of Tom and Julian and a set of traditional French dance music for which Julian is known as an absolute master. A potential album has been spoken about!

12 may 2020

Tom Oakes - Wooden Flute
Julian Sutton - Melodeon