By Troy MacGillivray

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Troy MacGillivray

Troy is playing both fiddle and piano on this fine album. He is accompanied by Cheryl Smith [snare drum], Curly Boy Stubbs [guitar], Dave MacIsaac [guitar], and Dave Gunning [guitar]. If you like Cape Breton trad, you’ll like these fine performances. MacGillivray, like Ashley MacIsaac, Kimberly Fraser, and many other Cape Breton musicians is equally at home on the fiddle and the piano.

“Boomerang” ~ Troy MacGillivray

Trolley Records ~ Trolley-02, 30 / 05 / 2003

Troy MacGillivray - piano, fiddle and stepdancer

The Living Tradition ~ review of “Boomerang”

“Right from the start, this is powerful music and no mistake. Fiddler and pianist Troy MacGillivray kicks off with one of his own tunes, and follows through with a medley of strathspeys and reels from the Scottish and Irish traditions ~ This CD is solid Cape Breton throughout, raw dance music built on traditional foundations and brought to life by a master: fiddle, piano and guitar played the old-fashioned way, no apologies, no pretentions.”

Alex Monaghan

Boomerang — correct tune links

The final (fifth) tune of the first track is actually a Cmaj setting of the Hugh Montgomerie reel titled “Lady Montgomery,” a variant of which is referred to (and titled on this site) as “Phelim’s Frolics.” –

The first tune of the second track is actually a Cmaj setting of the John Gow strathspey titled “Lady Carmichael of Castle Craig.” –

The first tune of the fifth track is actually a BFmaj setting of the “Mountain Ranger” hornpipe that is also known as the “Quilty.” –