The Journey

By Brendan Mulvihill

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Re: The Journey

I recently happened upon a reference to a cd release party for a Mulvihill disc and I fell outta my chair. A bit of digging revealed that “The Journey” was released in 2018. Aside from the dance school disc he did in 1999 (“One More Time”) I believe this is his first effort since 1992’s “Morning Dew” with Donna Long. I was able to obtain the disc from his website:

The disc insert only provides the tracklist/tunes. It is a live recording. The repeated appearance of the “Silken Wallet” makes me wonder if the tracks were culled from several concerts.

Brendan Mulvihill is one of the greats. Don’t pass up an opportunity to see him perform. His recordings reveal a precision, virtuosity and imagination that never fail to inspire. So great to hear more of your music, Brendan!