The Irish Folk Festival: Between now and then

By Various Artists

  1. The King’s Shilling
  2. Flatbush
    Three Scones Of Boxty
    Johnny Henry’s
  3. Follow The Heron
  4. Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
  5. Feel So Near
  6. The Rambling Irishman
  7. Peggy Gordon
  8. Come From The Heart
  9. Master Crowley’s
  10. Happy Face Glo
    Cape Daphin
  11. This Flower I Pick For You
  12. Linnea’s Lilt
    William Norbert’s
    Five Way Street
  13. In My Prime
  14. The Wounded Huzzar
  15. East Of Glendart
    Brian O’Lynn
  16. Red Is The Rose

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Magnetic Music Records, GmbH, 2009
MMR CD 2009

Tracks & Artists:

_1 - _4 - David Munnelly Band

_5 - _8 - Tommy O’Sullivan - songs

_9 - 12 - Jennifer Roland Band (from Cape Breton Island)

13 - 16 - Niamh Parsons & Graham Dunne - 3 songs and a set of two tunes

Not recommended! 😛 This was one of at least half a dozen recordings purchased over this Covid-19 madness and is the only one going to a charity shop, if I don’t recycle it. I so don’t like this in any way that I’m not even giving it away. I can’t think of anyone in our circle of friends and family that would like it… I’ll say more on that later…maybe…possibly fill in those three gan ainms?… ‘Am I bothered?’

Yeah, one track just for a taster of my wrinkled nose when I listened - track 2 - the smarmiest and worst version of “Flatbush Waltz” I’ve ever sufferend my ears through… Yuck! I shouldn’t have been driving…

I feel guilty. I’ll try to find something positive to say about this - - - maybe… Even the included booklet is hard to stomach, like commercial floor sweep tea with six heaping spoonfuls of white sugar…

Tommy O’Sullivan’s songs - a lovely choice…

Niamh Parsons & Graham Dunne - kinda O.K.?