Uncle Farmer

By Uncle Farmer

  1. Chimichanga
  2. Black As Hell
    Doghouse Blues
    Sweet As Love
  3. The Salvation
    MacArthur Road
  4. Gan Ainm
    Farrell O’Gara
  5. The Rolling Waves
    The Black Knife
    Tam Lin
  6. The Ashplant
    Tour Of Scotland
    Our Song
  7. Grasshopper Sitting On A Sweet Potato Vine
    Julia Delaney
    Tuba City Truck Stop
  8. March Of The Beggar Pomerleau
    The Wedding Reel (McLeod’s Farewell)
  9. The Wind
    Union Street Session
    Hoedown From Rodeo
  10. Shove That Pig’s Foot A Little Further Into The Fire
    Silver Spear
    Uncle Farmer

One comment

Uncle Farmer: Self-Titled Album (2012)

From their Bandcamp page (https://unclefarmer.bandcamp.com/album/uncle-farmer ):
“Uncle Farmer [are] Ben Schreiber and Michael Sokolovsky, a fiddle and guitar duo which plays for contra dances around the Bay Area (California). [They] play traditional and original dance tunes mixed with pop rhythms and modern twists.”

Some tune composer information:
- Chimichanga, Uncle Farmer (Ben Schreiber & Michael Sokolovsky)
- Black As Hell/Doghouse Blues/Sweet As Love (Ben Schreiber)
- The Salvation (Simon Bradley)
- Frank’s Reel (John McCusker)
- MacArthur Road (Dave Richardson)
- Tour of Scotland (Randy Miller)
- Tuba City Truck Stop (Al White)
- The Wind (Cat Stevens)
- Union Street Session (Paul Cranford)
- Hoedown from Rodeo (Aaron Copland)