First Takes

By Uncle Farmer

  1. Muddy Women
    Wild Horses
  2. Full Sails
  3. Gan Ainm (Dmaj March)
    Cluck Old Hen
  4. Woodland (jig)
    Woodland (reel)
  5. Mehitabel’s
  6. Eric And The Angels
    Strong As Hell
  7. Flying Home To Shelley
  8. The Wiggle
    Haight Street
  9. Hops And Barley

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Uncle Farmer: First Takes (2014)

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Tune composer information:
- Muddy Women, Wild Horses, Full Sails, Woodland Jig, Woodland Reel, Mehitabel’s Waltz, Strong as Hell, Hops and Barley (Ben Schreiber)
- Eric and the Angels (Jeremiah McLane)
- Flying Home to Shelley (Paul Gitlitz)
- The Wiggle, Haight Street (Ben Schreiber, Michael Sokolovsky)