Strictly Scottish - Volume Two

By Robert Whitehead & The Danelaw Country Dance Band

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  1. Angus McLeod
    Aitken Drum
  2. Greenholm
    Rock Valley
    Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Ridley
    George Carrick
  3. Manchester Caledonians
    South Inch House
    Cambeltown Kiltie Ball
  4. Shiftin’ Bobbins
    Miss C.M. Barbour
    The Belinda Clinskale Two-step
    Shambly Woods
  5. Miss Betty Hunter
    Sir Torquil Munro
    Athole Volunteers Quickstep
    Duncan Campbell Of Oban
  6. New Scotland
    Shetland Fiddlers’ Society
    Lass O’Corries Mill
    Mrs. Adie
  7. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
    Dunstanburgh Castle
    Jock Wilson Of Fenton
    The Great North Run
  8. Forres Country Dance
    Snowy Monday
    Martin Stewart
  9. The Garry Strathspey Set
  10. Miss Gayton’s
    South Lea
    Luggin’ The Box
  11. Christopher Whitehead
    The Frost Is All Over
    Sweet Biddy Daly
    The Drunken Parson
  12. Mary & Maurice Cooper
    Miss Irene Fiddler’s
    Corenside Common
    The Green Hill
  13. Miss Catherine Stewart, Pettyraich
    Wee Murdie
    Da Sooth End
    Woodhaven Pier
  14. The Irish Rover
    The Foggy Dew
    The Boys Of Wexford
    Let Him Go Let Him Tarry

Two comments

Re: Strictly Scottish - Volume Two

For a v simple tune, try “Angus McLeod” (1st track). A cheery wee tune. “Flowers of Edinburgh” is nice and fairly easy on fiddle - and a lovely tune which I used to put harmonies to when I had a piano at home.