Live at Center Stage

By Silly Wizard

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  1. Queen Of Argyll
  2. Inspector Donald Campbell
    The Orphan
    The Kestrel
    Come Up Alang
  3. Lover’s Heart
  4. Willie Archer And The Banks Of The Bann
  5. Simon Mackenzie’s Welcome To His Twin Sisters From Canada
    Farewell To The Heb
    The Ale Is Dear
  6. Land O’ The Leal
  7. Mac’s Fancy
    The Cliffs Of Moher
    The Rose Of Red Hill
  8. The Parish Of Dunkeld
    The Curlew
  9. Golden, Golden
  10. The Rambling Rover
  11. Paddy Fahey’s #1
    The Nine Points Of Roguery
    The Limerick Lasses
    The Kosher
    The Laird Of Drumblair
    The Musical Priest
  12. Donald Macgillavry
    O’Neill’s Cavalry
  13. If I Was A Blackbird
  14. The Fairy Dance

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Re: Live at Center Stage

Is this a CD / LP recording or the VHS video track listing ?

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Re: Live at Center Stage

This is the VHS. I’m new to the Session, should I have posted it on a different part of the site?