By Contraband

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  1. Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie
    Miss MacLeod’s
  2. The Black Rogue
    Sir Philip McHugh
    Alice Cooper’s Favourite
  3. Lady For Today
  4. The Devil’s Fiddle
  5. On The Road
  6. The Spanish Cloak
    Pea-Pod McGinley
    The Youngest Daughter
  7. Alec’s Interlude
  8. Stainforth Blues
  9. Come Up Smiling
  10. The Banks Of Claudy
  11. Edward Sayers’ Brass Band

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Contraband, 1974

Mae McKenna - vocals, piano, tambourine, violin
Peter Cairney - electric + acoustic guitar, vocals
John Martin - violin, viola, 12-string mandolin, vocals
George Jackson - electric + 12-string mandolin, button + piano accordion, acoustic guitar, violin, tenor banjo
Billy Jackson - bass guitar, cello, double bass, vocals
Alec Baird - drums