Fire in the Hearth

By Freeland Barbour

Added by Kirill .
  1. Miss Elspeth Campbell
    Lady Lever Park
  2. Paddy’s Leather Breeches
    The Curlew
    The Tenpenny Bit
  3. The Sands Of Kersal
  4. Kilberry Castle
    The Rose Amoung The Heather
    The Old Pipe
  5. The Kilkenny
    The Glen Fincastle Barn Dance
    Cullinghood Stables
  6. Donall Og
    The Ship In Full Sail
    O’Doherty’s Fancy
  7. The Gravel Walk
    The Big
  8. Donald Maclean
    The Ross Battery
  9. Fire In The Hearth
    Colgrave Sound
  10. The Black Mask
  11. Pipe Major Jim Christie Of Wick
    John Carmichael’s Farewell To Scotland
  12. Sally Was A Good ‘Un
    Bowing The Strings
  13. The King Of The Fairies
  14. The New Road To Atholl
    The Scottish Horse
    The Rebel’s Flight From Cawnpore