Ruach EP

By Ruach

  1. Tom Bombadil’s
    Save The Herringbone
  2. The Selkirk Weaver
  3. Wee Alfie
    November At Last
    Home Is Where The Haar Is
  4. Archie The Dug
    Finn’s White Trousers Welcome To Coffee
    The Lochnagar Proposal

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Ruach: Self-Titled EP (2019)

Available on Bandcamp:

Their website:

From the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland.

They are:
- Finn O’Neill (banjo/bodhran/guitar/mandolin/vocals)
- Euan Reid (accordion/piano)
- Craig Dyke (mandolin/mandola)
- Kenn Clark (guitar/banjo/whistle/vocals)

Tune/song composition information:
- Tom Bombadil’s Polka/Euan’s Polka/Archie The Dug/Finn’s White Trousers Welcome To Coffee/The Lochnagar Proposal (Craig Dyke)
- Save The Herringbone/Home Is Where The Haar Is (Euan Reid)
- The Selkirk Weaver (Kenn Clark)
- Wee Alfie/November At Last (Finn O’Neill)