By Antoni O’Breskey

  1. Drunken Spider
  2. Nomadic Aura
  3. Kevin’s (polka)
  4. The Dancing Leaves
  5. Derry So Fair
  6. Samara
  7. Sue Morley’s
  8. The Wee Weaver
  9. The Longford Weaver
  10. Xi’an
  11. An Clár Bog Déil
  12. Estonia

Three comments

Antoni O’Breskey - Samara (2020)

Available on Bandcamp:

Antoni’s website:

From his Bandcamp album description:
"The Album comprises a journey between new compositions, such as Samara, Estonia, Kevin’s Polka and Xi’an Reel, two remixed versions of Antoni O’s past compositions: Nomadic Aura (2009) and Sue Morley’s Jig (1992), a live version of the historical piece, Dancing Leaves, a new version of Drunken Spider, a tune composed in 1992 that was never released to the public, and three traditional songs newly arranged: Derry So Fair, Wee Weaver, and The Longford Weaver."

On the album:
- Antoni O’ Breskey (piano/vocals/trumpet)
- Davide Viterbo (cello/fiddle/guitar/accordion)
- Mairtin O’Connor (accordion)
- Ciara O’Connor (fiddle)
- Sinead O’Connor (fiddle)
- Consuelo Nerea (vocals/fiddle/harmonium)
- Paddy Cummins (mandolin/banjo)
- Tony Byrne (guitar)
- Leonora Lyne (flute)
- Giorgio Vendola (double bass)
- Massimo Giuntini (uilleann pipes/bouzouki)
- Joe McHugh (uilleann pipes/low whistle/tin whistle)
- Biancastella Croce (siku)
- Pino Porsia (mandolin)
- Johnny McCarthy (flute)
- Balen López de Munain (guitar)
- Sergio Candotti (electric bass)
- David Hopi Hopkins (bodhrán)
- Ricky Turco (drums)
- Vanni Breschi (drums)
- Alex Borwick (trombone)

All music composed by Antoni O’Breskey; except tracks: 5, 8, 9, 11 (all traditional).

Re: Samara

a SHOWCASE for one guy’s music? Obviously keen on self-promotion, no? But I expect some of the tunes are worth listening to.

Re: Samara

Antoni’s albums seem to have many of his compositions, each tune typically played as a piece (not part of a larger set). He brings in many guest musicians for these projects.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and it’s not all that uncommon for players to make albums of their own tunes (probably more often with tune sets rather than single pieces).

Check out his albums, see what you think of his music. My personal favourite tune of his, thus far, is "Jig In The Castle":