Another Day

By Solas

  1. Laurel’s
    Dougie MacDonalds
    The Bird In The Tree
  2. Scarecrow’s Dream
  3. I Wandered By A Brookside
    It’s Still Raining
  4. The Upstairs
    Floating Candles
  5. Just You
  6. The Highlands Of Holland
  7. All That You Ask Me
  8. Maire Mhillis Bhrea
  9. Pancake Tuesday
    The Broad Walk
    Professor Delbert’s Birthday
  10. This Love Will Carry
  11. Seoladh Na nGamhna
  12. Another Day

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I put the individual names of tunes in the listing instead of the Arrangement Name. Here are a few notes on the Tracks.

T1: The arrangement is called ‘Bird in the Tree’.
T3: ‘I wandered by a Brookside’ is a song. ‘It’s Still Raining’ is a tune.
T4: The arrangement is called ‘Carlisle Street Reels’
T6: Instrumental Track
T9: The Arrangement is Called ‘The Wiggly Jigs’.
T12: Instrumental Track

I have not absorbed the CD yet so I Don’t have any glowing comments. I usually wait until I have heard 5 or 6 runs through before commenting. Nonetheless - good performances all around. Americanized sound. A little country Western feel if you would. For me that is a little disappointing. I’ll give it more time though.

Very disappointing. Nowhere near as good as their first 2 albums.

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Another name for the second tune in T9?

The second tune in The Wiggly Jigs, track nine, is something I’m really interested in learning. If anyone knows another name for the tune or can just point me to the sheet music I’d be very grateful!

Re: Another Day

The Broad Walk is done.

Re: Another Day

Two different cd’s, eh, mates ? I just want the sheet music to THE WIGGLY JIGS…nice tunes 1

Re: Another Day

So what’s the problem ? The 3 tunes have all been transcribed and links have been included in the track listing above.

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