By Garry Blakeley

  1. Bury Those Bones
  2. From Kentucky To Sligo
  3. Spencer The Rover
  4. The Sycamore Key
    Jake Buckton’s
  5. Stanton Drew
    A Somerset
  6. Ten Thousand Miles Away
  7. Daddy Fox
  8. Rosey’s
    The Young Rowan
  9. You Can Be You
  10. The Nine Bar
    Careful With The Whiskey
    Early Riser
  11. The Cuckoo’s Nest
    I Like To Rise
  12. Ain’t Life Funny
  13. Barry Dransfield’s
    The Gravel Walks

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Garry Blakeley - Myriad (2020)

Available at Bandcamp:

Songs & tunes in the Irish, Scottish, English, and, Bluegrass styles. Tradition and self-compositions.

The Sycamore Key, Jake Buckton’s Jig, ​A Somerset Hornpipe, Ten Thousand Miles Away, Rosey’s Waltz​, ​The Young Rowan, Barry Dransfields​ are all tune compositions of Garry, according to his Bandcamp page.

It’s a bit unclear from the description, though, the jig/strathspey/polka set "The Nine Bar Jig/Careful With The Whiskey/Early Riser", and, "From Kentucky To Sligo", might be tunes of his as well.