Hibernian Rhapsody

By De Dannan

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This album does nothing for me, Tommy Fleming’s singing gets under my skin. Nessan Dorma? give me a break……..

Jenny Picking Cockles

Does anyone know if the tune titled Jenny Picking Cockles, on De Dannan’s Hibernian Rhapsody, goes by another name?
Thanks all

jbarnaby, isn’t that The New Custom House?

Track 5: The New Century or Poll Ha’penny

Track 5 starts with what i believe to be a hornpipe called The New Century or Poll Ha’penny…


Frankie Gavin - fiddle, flute, tin-whistle, piano.
Alec Finn - bouzouki, guitar
Derek Hickey - accordion
Colm Murphy - bodhran
Tommy Flemming - vocals

I’m also about to update some of the titles using some of the information posted above, and after listening to the CD.
Despite some of the comments above, there’s some great music on this recording.


I have to say, I much prefer a lot of the instrumental tracks on this to some of “De Danann’s” later recordings. The tune sets are taken at a lovely, relaxed pace, rather than the “hell-for leather” speed which surfaces occasionally on the more recent CDs.
This was recorded in 1995.

Track 15, 1st tune is a version of the “Kesh” - can’t remember if it has another name or not.

One of the rare album with Derek Hickey, incredible accordion player !!! You can listen to him in session in Adare, south Limerick.
The tunes on this album are really great…