Symbiosis III

By Ross Ainslie, Ali Hutton & Jenn Butterworth

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  1. Dine Like Kings
    King Of The Mountain
  2. Fraser And Rachael’s Wedding
    Ud The Doudouk
  3. Beautiful Goretree
  4. Chris Grace’s Joy
    Mairi Ferrigan’s
  5. Wagoner’s Lad
  6. Wha Saw The 42nd
    Unknown Irish
    Haugh’s Of Cromdale
  7. Mrs Jane Kennedy’s Of St.Anne’s
  8. Eva’s
  9. Lucy Farr’s
    Rocking The Boat
    Mad Mick’s
  10. Freedom Come All Ye
    Bloody Fields Of Flanders

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Re: Symbiosis III

Released today. New album by Ross, Ali and Jenn. I don’t think they need much introduction.
Symbiosis III was recorded during lockdown. It’s an album that represents our live gig as a trio.
The album is a snap shot of the kind of music and arrangements that we play at our smaller, more intimate gigs and consists of music from Symbiosis I, II and a few unrecorded songs and tunes. The arrangements on the album are stripped back and arranged especially for our trio performances.
The trio is Ross Ainslie, Ali Hutton and Jenn Butterworth and for the first time features Jenn on Guitar, Vocals and Stomp. We really wanted to record and capture the vibe that we create at our live gigs - we wanted to have a record of this as who knows what’s round the corner for the music industry?
We don’t know when we’ll get back to doing the thing we love and to be honest, what the landscape will look like when it does return. So, if you’ve been missing our live gigs then this might just help see you through until we meet again!
released October 2, 2020

Ross Ainslie - Pipes, Whistles, Cittern
Ali Hutton - Pipes, Whistles, Tenor Guitar
Jenn Butterworth - Guitar, Vocals

Recorded at home
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Waite at Grans House Studios
Available on Bandcamp:

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