He Didn’t Dance

By Cucanandy

  1. The Milky Way
    The Mountain Rose
    Come West Along The Road
    The Milky Way
  2. Cailin Rua
  3. 3 Breton An Dros
  4. 16 Come Sunday
    Eileen Curran
  5. The Road To Ballinakill
    The Cat’s Rambles
    The Lilliburlero
  6. My Buachaillin Donn
  7. Cucanandy
  8. The Emigrant’s Farewell
  9. Gan Ainm
    The Munster
    Munster Bacon
  10. Collier’s
  11. Where The Hieland Thistle Grows
  12. Father John Angus Rankin’s
    The Stormont Lads
    Heather Hill
    Ashley MacIsaac’s
  13. Pretty Little Girl
  14. The Wounded Hoosier
  15. Jim Donohue’s
    The Hurling Match
    Gan Ainm