A Deep Pool: Traditional Irish Fiddle Playing

By Seamus Sands

  1. Old Legacy
    Song In Peeping Tom Of Coventry
  2. What A Beau My Granny Was
  3. The Blackbird
    The Ladies’ Pantaloons
  4. Maebh Ghael
    Peggy Wants Her Man
  5. The Sweets Of May
  6. The Bogy
    Molly Bán
  7. Donnellan’s
    Rocking The Cradle
  8. Slieve Donard
  9. The Trip To The Rosses
    The Caragh
  10. Will They Ever Return?
  11. Highland Mary
    The Grain Of Tea
  12. Jimmy Ward’s Fling
    Craigbuy House
  13. The Humours Of Dillonstown
  14. The Wee House
    The Donaghadee Hunt
    Air In The Travellers
  15. The Carrickmannon Lasses
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  16. The Elusive Pimpernel
  17. Donnellan’s
  18. The Flower Of Magherally
    Croidte An Dúin
  19. Hand Me Down the Tacklings
    Cairo Barry

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Re: A Deep Pool: Traditional Irish Fiddle Playing

Seamus Sands (fiddle), with Clare Sands (fiddle), Lainey Sands (fiddle), Tiarna Sands (fiddle), Josephine Keegan (piano)

Re: A Deep Pool: Traditional Irish Fiddle Playing

I have to express sincere thanks to Connor Hickey for posting this here and making me aware of this excellent recording. I got the CD directly from Seamus himself, and we have had some friendly and interesting email conversation since.
Connor has listed the guest musicians above, but most of the tracks are solo fiddle by Seamus, who even made the fiddle himself. I find it very refreshing to listen to a recording not swamped by "guests", and a timely reminder that the foundation of the Irish tradition is the solo performance [ in my opinion, anyway ].
Most of the tunes are the results of Seamus’ research into the old collections preserving music from the North-East counties of Down, Armagh and Louth, and it would be very satisfying for Seamus, I’m sure, if some at least of these tunes would find their way back into the current session repertoire.
A highly recommended recording.

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