The Rusty Razor

By Goats Don’t Shave

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  1. Let The World Keep On Turning
  2. Las Vegas (In The Hills Of Donegal)
  3. Eyes
  4. John Cherokee
  5. The Evictions
  6. Biddy From Sligo
    Connaught Man’s Rambles
  7. The Ranger
  8. Mary Mary
  9. Closing Time
  10. What She Means To Me
  11. Crooked Jack
  12. When You’re Dead (You’re Great)

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Re: The Rusty Razor

Without question the best folk-rock band ever to come out of Dungloe (oh, ok, County Donegal), ‘The Rusty Razor’ was their first album, released by Cooking Vinyl in 1993. Songwriter and singer Pat Gallagher is still the focus of the band while fiddler Jason Philbin brings some trad cred as the grandson of Néillidh Boyle.

Always great fun.

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