’Til Time Is No More

By Larry Mallette and Friends

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  1. Pipe On The Hob
    Katie Farrell’s
  2. Sergeant Early’s Dream
    Paddy Fahy’s
    Julia Delaney
  3. Donal
  4. Smile And Wave
    Cliffs Of Moher
  5. Lucky’s
    Knitting The Fog
    Coal Miner’s
    Sands Of Time
  6. Lament For Malcolm
  7. Mungo Kelly
    Maids Of Mitchelstown
  8. Meelick Team
    Willie Coleman’s
  9. Hotfoot
  10. Mickey
  11. Foxes
    Hunting The Hare
    Lament For The Fox
  12. George White’s Favourite
    Silver Spear
    Piper’s Cow
  13. Cloverleaf
    High And Dry
    Road To Ballyfarnan
  14. Anach Cuain
  15. Black Mountain
    Mist-Covered Mountain
  16. Greenwood Laddie

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Re: ’Til Time Is No More

Larry Mallette (flute, whistle), with Lara Bruckmann (vocals), Al Cofrin (cittern), Therese Honey (harp), Mark Johnson (guitar), John Liestman (banjo, Northumbrian smallpipes), Diehl Moran (fiddle)

Re: ’Til Time Is No More

‘Katie Farrell’s’ is notated on the page below (which also reveals that Mr. Mallette is from Houston, Texas).


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