All Hands

By Beolach

Added by DaveF .

  1. Egypt Road
    Liz Kelly
    Annie’s New Heart
  2. Kilts On Fire
    Buntata ‘s Sgadan
    A’ Deanamh Im
    Kale And Pudding
  3. Veronica’s
  4. Schooner Lane
    Road To Ballymac
    Howie MacDonald’s
  5. Allowa Kirk
    An Arthur Strathspey
    Geraldine’s Fancy
    An Arthur Reel
    The Perriwig
    Backstreet Reel
  6. Prayerful Hymn
  7. Miss Eireann MacInnis
    Berrigan’s Folly
    Frolics Of Youth
  8. Road To Loch Nam Bairneas
    Sgian Dubh
    The Soup Dragon
  9. The Gypsy’s Dance

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Re: All HAnds

released 21st October 2019

Wendy MacIsaac: Fiddle
Mairi Rankin: Fiddle
Mac Morin: Piano
Matt MacIsaac: Pipes, Whistle, Guitar

Special Guests: Gordie Sampson (guitar), Patrick Gillis (guitar)

Re: All Hands

There are an awful lot more tunes on this album than the titles suggest. Kilts on fire is followed by Buntata ’s Sgadan and two other reels. Someone with sleeve notes would be able to fill in the gaps.