Roots of the Banjo Tree

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Re: Roots of the Banjo Tree

This is the debut album by the County Galway banjo-mongers, released on their own label in 2012. It’s a heady brew of Irish traditional music, tunes from the minstrel shows, and bluegrass favourites, plus a tune each from Liz Carroll and Gerry ‘banjo’ O’Connor.

Enda Scahill and Martin Howley both play banjo, mandolin and tenor guitar, while Martin’s brother David sings four of the tracks very pleasantly and plucks his own banjo and ordinary guitar.

They’re joined by Enda’s brother Fergal (fiddle, guitar and bodhrán), Louise Holden (vocals), Gerry O’Connor (banjo), Leon Hunt (5-string banjo), and James Blennerhassett (double bass).

A thoroughly enjoyable album.

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