A Thistle & Shamrock Christmas Ceilidh

By Various Artists

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  1. The Snowy Path
  2. At It Again
  3. The Happy One Step
    Green Willis
  4. Sevens
    Michael Kennedy’s
    The Cup Of Tea
  5. Puirt à Beul
    Snug In A Blanket
  6. I Saw Three Ships
  7. Garçon à Marier
    Orgies Nocturnes
    Dans Fisel
  8. Maneo Da Ulla
    Foliada De Padrenda
  9. Ceilidh Funk
  10. Jenny Picking Cockles
    An Gabhran
    Jack Keane’s
  11. The Cat’s Rambles To The Child’s Saucepan
    Maire O’Keefe’s
    Harry Bradshaw’s
  12. Reconciliation [ Song ]
  13. Ballivanich
  14. Goodbye Miss Goodavich
  15. Genevieve’s
  16. Auld Lang Syne
  17. The Moving Cloud

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Re: A Thistle & Shamrock Christmas Ceilidh

"Green Linnet" label Christmas compilation, tracks chosen by Fiona Ritchie, of "Thistle & Shamrock" fame.

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