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By Michelle O’Brien, Aogan Lynch And Gavin Ralston

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Michelle O Brien(fiddle, viola),Gavin Ralston(guitars), Aogan Lynch (concertina).Caitlin NI Bheaglaoich (vocals track 8), Geoff Woods (hammond organ track 9). Recorded in December 1999.

Track 12 Aggie Whyte’s

The first unnamed reel, track 12, is Aggie Whyte’s, which is here - https://thesession.org/tunes/1878

What is Ni Fios ? Is that the new Gan Ainm ? Ahh my, whatever happened to tradition ?

And a what a bloody grand album

I know it’s not typical on this site to discuss anything but technical and pedantic issues ( OK, I am exaggerating a bit, but you all know what i mean - everything’s so serious ).

Anyway, this by way of preamble to saying what a magnificent recording this is. Michelle O’Brien scrapes out those triplets and other ornaments like her teacher Tommy Peoples. Aogan Lynch’s rippling ornamentation is thrillingly virtuousic. Gavin Ralston’s guitar is perfect, not excessive, brilliant building in his chord progressions.

Pigeon On The Gate ?

Track 1, 2nd reel. Even if this is arguably a derivative of "The Pigeon" it deserves a new name. Completely different.

But I know that tune as Pigeon on the Gate and have heard it referred to that name by loads of other people. It therefore obviously is the name of the tune. Even if you decide it should have a new name I’m sure it wouldnt catch on around the world. Anyhow - if everyone calls this tune pigeon on the gate then surely it is therefore the pigeon on the gate?

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I agree with "bb" here. The differences are slight, it’s an obvious variant of the original "Pigeon", but not enough to warrant a new name. As far as I know, this version was a composition of Charlie Piggott, banjo-player on the earliest "De Danann" albums. "Ptarmigan" was the first musician I heard playing it, and that was close to 30 years ago, so it’s been around as "The Pigeon On The Gate" for a while. He got the version - same as the one recorded here - from Charlie Piggott.
As an aside, I was at a Fleadh in the mid-1980s with the late Jimmy McHugh, and things were getting a bit out of hand with drunks and assorted "Fleadh Cowboys". Jimmy decided that the way to improve things would be to set up a cordon round the entire town, and "nobody would be allowed in unless they could lilt the first 4 bars of "The Pigeon On The Gate" !

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3rd jig, track 2

here’s what they’re doing. Now what’s the damned name. Tarnation, I hate a corker of a tune without a name !! Like not knowing what to call a gorgeous woman.

|: EAc e2f |ecA a2f | ecA EAc | ~d3 BAF | EAc ~e3 |ecA a2f | ecA EAc |
| 1 ~B3 A3 :| 2 ~B3 Aag |
|: ~f3 fec | eag a2f | ecf ecf | eAB cde | ~f3 fec | eag a2f | ecA EAc |
|1 ~B3 Aag :|2 ~B3 A3 |

Sorry, track 11, not 12


Given that the unknown titled tunes listed as "Ni Fios" on the album sleeve notes have all been identified above, I’ve taken the liberty of changing them so that they "link" to the tunes posted here.
The first reel on track 6 is the great 6-part version of "Kiss The Maid behind The Barrel", which I believe comes from Co.Kerry, and is associated with the late fiddler Johnny Cronin.
I’d also like to add that this is a great recording, superb playing by all 3 musicians throughout, and a fine selection of tunes.

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Re: Michelle O’Brien, Aogan Lynch And Gavin Ralston

"CD Baby" seem to have posted 7 of the tracks from this recording on "Youtube" - here’s the first track to start with :

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