The Edge Of Waiting

By Pennybrook

  1. La Sansonette
    Walking Paddy
    Tell Sergio
  2. Connelly Street
    The Downdraught
    Stewiacke River Breakdown
  3. The Edge Of Waiting
  4. The Egret
  5. The Lockeport Light
    Andy’s Dummies
    The Local Left-Wing Rag
  6. Schoolhouse
    Maggie Rose
    Salsbury Girls
  7. Jack Maple
    The Crossing
    The Battery
    Winter Solstice
  8. Petersburg Fisherman’s Banjo Pickin’ Blues
    Derek Pelley’s
    White Rabbits
  9. Teampall An Ghleanntain
    Active Pass
    Three Broken Ribs
  10. Five Birches
  11. Mary’s Garden
    Domina Madonna

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Pennybrook - The Edge Of Waiting (2012)

Available on Bandcamp:

Their website:

They are:
- Jude Pelley (fretted strings)
- Charlie Wilson (wooden flute)

Joined by:
- Jonathan Edwards (double bass)
- Keitha Clark (fiddle, track 10)
- Elise Boeur (fiddle, tracks 1, 3, 6, & 8)
- Tyler Carson (fiddle, tracks 4, 7, & 11)
- Nancy Grossert (fiddle, track 9)

Charlie Wilson and Jude Pelley, “The New B Minor Set” (2016):