By Paul Ruane

  1. Berehaven
    Monahan Twig
  2. Down The Broom
    Gatehouse Maid
  3. Stool Of Repentance
    Cow That Ate The Blanket
    Gallant Boys Of Tipperary
  4. Sally Gardens
  5. O’Connell’s Trip To Parliament
    Darby’s Farewell
  6. Rocky Road To Dublin
    Drops Of Spring Water
  7. Chattering Magpie
  8. Hunter’s House
    Sweet Is The Name Of Peggy
  9. Dusty Windowsills
    The Shaskeen
  10. Tuttle’s
    Paddy Lynn’s Delight
    Kitty’s Gone A Milking
  11. Wild Irishman
    Maud Millar
    Molloy’s Favourite

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Re: Sound

To be released 1st December 2020

Paul Ruane - Sound
Born in Leeds, Paul was raised in Yorkshire in the 1970s by parents originally from Mayo, Ireland. He took up the fiddle with Leeds Comhaltas and quickly gained honours in the Fleadh Cheoil both in Britain and Ireland. After graduating from Cambridge University he married Deirdre Filan, a champion box and whistle player, from Birmingham. The couple settled in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the1990s.

These recordings were started in 2012 and feature Paul and Dee along with a group of friends that they were playing music with regularly. The music was recorded for posterity, but the untimely death of Paul in 2016 gave a special meaning and impetus to the project. Friends and family have subsequently added to the recording, as was the original intention, giving a wonderful perspective to Paul’s and Dee’s playing.

Re: Sound

Musicians on Paul Ruane - Sound;

Paul Ruane - Fiddle
Dee Ruane - Button Accordion and Whistle
Celia Ruane - Whistle
Eva Ruane - Fiddle
Louis Bingham - Guitar, Cittern, Mandolin, Tenor Banjo and Bodhran
Dave Wood - Guitar and Bouzouki
N Holmes - Flute