Celtic Jigs & Reels

By Various Artists

  1. Cumberland
    Rosin The Bow
  2. Drowsy Maggie
    Man Of The House
  3. Atholl Highlanders
  4. Drunken Piper
    My Love She’s But A Lassie Yet
    Girl I Left Behind Me
  5. Butterfly
    Rocky Road To Dublin
    Kid On The Mountain
  6. Father O’Flynn
    Irish Washerwoman
    Blackberry Blossom
  7. Morning Dew
  8. Down Express
    Waverley Steps
    Flowers Of Edinburgh
  9. Blackthorn Stick
  10. Banshee
  11. Big John McNeil Of Barra
    Trip To Windsor
    Paddy’s Trip To Scotland
  12. Ferry
    Mucking O’ Geordie’s Byre
    Wee Todd
  13. Bobby Stenhouse
    Braes Of Glenifer
    Girl With The Blue Dress On
  14. De’il Amongst The Tailors
    Speed The Plough
  15. Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  16. Dashing White Sergeant
    Rose Tree
    Donald Dunn
  17. 100 Pipers
    Athernie Lodge
  18. Tarbolton
    Longford Collector
    Sailor’s Bonnet

Two comments

Re: Celtic Jigs & Reels

Turns out there are two completely different albums that have the same name and feature similar artists.