The Mountain Groves

By Emmett Gill

Added by Jeremy .

  1. Gardiner’s Daughter
    Snow On The Hills
  2. Pol Ha’penny
    The Mountain Groves
  3. Down The Back Lane
    Donnybrook Fair
    Scully Casey’s
  4. Mo Ghrádh-Sa An Jug Mór Is É Lán
  5. Mama’s Pet
    Hinchey’s Delight
  6. The Garden Of Daisies
  7. Lord Mayo
  8. Gan Ainm
    Port Na Giobóige
  9. Tatter Jack Walsh
    Cliffs Of Moher
  10. The Bag Of Spuds
    The Shepherd’s Daughter
  11. Buck From The Mountain
    Spellan The Fiddler
  12. Julia Clifford’s
    Paddy Whack
  13. Seán Ó Duibhir A’Ghleanna
  14. The Slaney Bog
    The Dublin Lads