Take The Floor - Ceili Dance Bands

By Various Artists

  1. Jackson’s Morning Brush
    How Are You, Kitty?
  2. The Mountains Of Pomeroy
    The Moon Behind The Hill
  3. Madame Bonaparte
  4. Bonnie Kate
    The Waves Of Tory
  5. It’s Heaven Around Galway Bay
  6. The Hunter’s Purse
    The Fermoy Lassies
    The Corner House
    The Five Mile Chase
  7. Let Erin Remember
    O’Donnell Abu
    The Three Flowers
    A Nation Once Again
  8. Ballinamore
    The Carraroe
    The Trip To Athlone
    Jack Coen’s Fancy
  9. Are You There, Moriarty?
  10. Looking For A Partner
  11. Woodcock Hill
    Off To California
    The Liverpool
  12. The Humours Of Glendart
    The Pet Of The Pipers
    Paddy The Daddy
  13. Petronella
    The Girl I Left Behind Me
    The Barren Rocks Of Aden
  14. The Emerald Isle Express
  15. Marie’s Wedding
    Peat Fire Flame
    I Wish I Were Married
  16. Peggy O’Neill
    Till We Meet Again
    Wyoming Lullaby
  17. Saddle The Pony
    Jackson’s Morning Brush
    The Blackthorn Stick
  18. Bottom Of The Punchbowl
    The Rakes Of Mallow
    Leather Away The Wattle
  19. On The One Road
    The Old Boreen

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Re: Take The Floor - Ceili Dance Bands

Apparently features the following:

The Kearney Ceili Band;
The Eamonn Ceannt Ceili Band;
The Brophy Brothers Ceili Band;
The Noel Touhy Ceili Band.

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