The Week Before Easter

By Kevin Conneff

  1. Ellen Brown
  2. Gan Ainm
    O’Connor’s Favourite
  3. I’m Here Because I’m Here
  4. John Barber
  5. O’Sullivan’s
  6. The Flower Of Magherally
  7. The Salt
  8. The Dark-Eyed Gypsies
  9. Fair Maid Won’t You Call Me Your Darling
  10. Patricia Wilmot’s
    Johnny McIljohn’s
  11. The Green Fields Of America
  12. Gathering Mushrooms
  13. An Estonian Waltz (Labajalg)
  14. The Week Before Easter

Three comments

The Chieftains’ chanter and bodhranist’s 1988 album. Kevin is joined by Maire Ni Chaoimh (fiddle), Paul McGrattan (flute), Johnny Norris (guitar) and Derek Bell (harp).