Come West Along The Road

By Brian O’Connor

  1. Mulqueeney’s
    Breton Tune
  2. Sonny Brogan’s
  3. The Golden Eagle
    The City Of Savannah
  4. Thomond Bridge
    In The Nip
  5. J.O. Forbes Esq. Of Corse
  6. Leather Away The Wattle-O
    The Spent Money
  7. Trim The Velvet
  8. The Rubber Man
    The Iron Man
    The Derry
  9. Cornphiopa Corafinne
    The Blackbird
  10. The Dear Irish Boy
  11. Did You Wash Your Father’s Shirt

Two comments

An overlooked gem from flute-player O’Connor and released on Germany’s Magnetic Music label.

Brian o’connor

Definatively one of my favorites, A rare combination of flute/whistle and amazing guitar accompanyment. Truly brilliant.