The Humours Of Scariff

By John Keehan

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John Keehan - The Humours of Scariff (2020)

Releases December 1st, 2020.

Available at Bandcamp:

On the album:
- John Keehan (fiddle)
- Derek Hickey (accordion)
- Ciara O’Sullivan (harp/vocals)
- Willie Kilkenny (flute)
- Mary Noonan (vocals)

Re: The Humours of Scariff

I listened to this on bandcamp on Tuesday and it sounded very nice, went back to it yesterday to buy it and it was gone. Googling it also showed nothing about it. Anybody know where it can be bought.

Re: The Humours of Scariff

Noticed this now “Releases December 1st, 2020.”

Re: The Humours of Scariff

Ah yes, looks like they’ve at least temporarily taken it down from Bandcamp. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be shown yet, came across that at least once before (based on contacting the musician).

Re: The Humours Of Scariff

I’ve just discovered it this morning. Nice ! You can find it as a digital download at Custy’s.