The Groves Of Boho: Music From County Fermanagh

By Hazlett Keers

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Hazlett Keers - The Groves of Boho: Music from County Fermanagh (2019)

A few of the sets:

Reel D’Issoudun / The Boys of Malin

The Old Harvest Home / Bill Maley’s

The rest of the tracks are currently up on YouTube as well.

Description from a Facebook event:
“The Groves of Boho: music from County Fermanagh” is a new CD of traditional music by Fermanagh musician Hazlett Keers. As the title suggests, the idea for the album is very much based around a sense of place rather than a showcase of musicianship for its own sake. Hazlett has excavated a rich quarry of rare and unusual tunes which originate from his native county, some of which date back to the mid-19th century and are drawn, for example, from sources such as the Gunn Book, a beautifully compiled bound volume of local tunes collected at that time by a member of the well-known family of Fermanagh musicians. The material is placed, however, in a very contemporary setting, in many cases with restrained and simple arrangements with a single lead instrument supported by delicate string backing. While most of the pieces on the CD are from Fermanagh, there are also several pieces from Donegal and Cape Breton along with two songs, one of which is sung by Fermanagh-born Adrian Dunbar. As Hazlett writes in the booklet accompanying the album, “while not every piece here is from Fermanagh, I hope that the CD reflects the spirit and character of the county’s music and its musicians, past and present, to whom I owe so much”