Minstrel’s Fancy

By Sean Ryan

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Good stuff-and all from a Susato!

This is a nice album, with some good tunes, but what really gets me is the fact that he plays Susatos. When I play them they don’t sound anywhere near as good as this.

Missing Tune

Track 7 has a second tune, the Carraroe Reel.

This is a CD by Sean Ryan the whistle player, not Sean Ryan the fiddle player and Pj Moloney the flute player

Carraroe should be Caher Rua.


A few other mistaken links :

Track 3 is a slow air, I believe associated with Galway fiddler Mick Finn. I have a recording of it when it was used in a Welsh TV programme years ago. I’ll try to post it on "Youtube" at some point, and link it here. It’s also on Alec Finn’s "Blue Shamrock" CD, played by him and Mary Bergin.
Track 6 - "John McKenna’s" - is a barndance, I think, which I learned years ago from the playing of Frankie Kennedy. Harry Bradley has recently recorded it. As far as I know, it’s not been posted here yet.
Track 10 - "The Limerick", is a waltz, not the slide which it’s being linked to.

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Re: Minstrel’s Fancy

hi then
there is a mistake on the link "Mickey Finn’s" I think

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Re: Minstrel’s Fancy

I updated the link of Limerick Waltz, It is the tune Limerick Redowa. Very nice cd of this tin whistler, interesting ornamention, he does quite a lot of tonguing.