In The Spring, That’s The Time

By The Dardanelles

  1. Luke Payne’s
  2. Kelly Russell’s
    The Crosses Of Annagh
    The Girl From Pennsylvania
  3. The Badger Drive
  4. Free Payne’s Too
    Free Payne’s
  5. Double Sledder Lad
  6. Doug Dorward’s
    Amelia Manuel’s
  7. Warlike Lads Of Russia
    On The Way To Norway
  8. Father’s
    Who Stole The Miner’s Hat
    Banker Tune No. 2
  9. Piccadilly Sand Farewell
  10. Reel De La Pistroli
    The Northern Flicker
    Wedding Up To Mallard

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The Dardanelles - In The Spring, That’s The Time (2020)

Available on Bandcamp:

They are:
- Aaron Collis (accordion/vocals)
- Emilia Bartellas (fiddle/viola/vocals)
- Matthew Byrne (bouzouki/guitar/lead vocals)
- Tom Power (guitar/vocals)
- Rich Klaas (bodhran/percussion/vocals)

Joined by:
- Josh Ward (double bass; tracks 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 10)
- John Doyle (bouzouki; track 8)

Re: In The Spring, That’s The Time

re track 6 is "Doug Dorward’s" (Emilia Bartellas) and "Amelia Manuel’s" (Aaron Collis). (And "The Girl From Pennsylvania" is a Duncan Cameron composition.)

Also their "Warlike Lads of Russia" uses Emile Benoit’s "On the Way to Norway" as the instrumental break.

Re: In The Spring, That’s The Time

Wonderful, thank you for the information Sol.

Vaguely remember coming across two or three singles going by the name "Luke Payne’s", so, I suspect that the "Luke Payne’s" on this album is a set of these. Will confirm at a later date, as I’m not too familiar with those particular singles.

Re: In The Spring, That’s The Time

Anyone know the tune played before the song on the Piccadilly Slant Farewell track?
There’s a Piccadilly Slant tune by Emile Benoit but it’s not the same.
Thanks, a Dards fan.

Re: In The Spring, That’s The Time

Nite to anyone intending to play these tunes. Kelly Russell’s NL tunes book contains 60% of them. For the others, check out