Now More Than Ever

By The Katie McNally Trio

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  1. Fletch Taylor
    Marcel Aucoin
    Matthew Robinson’s
  2. Lament For The Red Ladder
    Francis The Miller
  3. Worthley Pond
  4. June’s Right Arm
    Cape Town Hustle
  5. John And Maurizio’s Wedding
    Dr. MacInnes’s Fancy
  6. Acadia
    The Brunch Tune
  7. Bearcat
  8. Compliments To Bob McIntyre
    Humours Of Westport
    Lad O’Beirne’s
    Hommage à Leanne Hebert
  9. Dr. John O’Grady’s 75th
    Quinie Fae Rhynie

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Now More Than Ever (2020)

Katie McNally: fiddle
Shauncey Ali: viola
Neil Pearlman: piano
Produced by Anna Massie
Engineered by Angus Lyon at Gran’s House Studio in Biggar, Scotland

Really looking forward to this one. Combination of self-penned tracks with a few well-chosen interpretations of traditional tunes.

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