The Beltona Recordings, Vol. 2

By Jimmy Shand

  1. Australian Ladies
    South Of The Grampians
    Roll Her On The Hill
  2. Eileen Alanah
    Fort In The Stilly Night
  3. Braemar Highlanders
    The Laird O’ Thrums
    Angus Campbell
  4. The Listening
  5. Abercairney Highlanders
    The Miller O’ Drone
    High Road To Linton
  6. The Impudence
  7. The Piper’s Wedding
    Lanarkshire Clogs
  8. Believe Me If All These Endearing Young Charms
    I Love A Lassie
    Lunan Bay
  9. The Lovat Scouts
    Forbes Morrison
    The Thrums Cairn
  10. Irish Washerwoman
    Connaughtman’s Rambles
    Irish Whiskey
  11. The 79th Farewell To Gibraltar
    Lady Charlotte Campbell’s New
    Lady Montgomerie

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Re: The Beltona Recordings, Vol. 2

There are quite a few Jimmy Shand Collections here, but this is my favorite of them. I’m a real fan of the MSR and there are quite a lot of these on here. I especially like the set on Track 1, as well as the last tune on Track 10, a jig called “Irish Whisky”, which I’ve never heard on an Irish music collection before.
These recordings, as the title indicates, are from when he recorded for the Beltona label. I only have the electronic version so no notes, but from reading online it appears as though the majority of these recordings from this particular collection were made in 1938, although I have seen different dates for Shand recordings at times. They are definitely all from before 1942 because that’s when he switched to recording for Parlophone.
Track 11B, the tune is Lady Charlotte Campbell’s New Strathspey, but is given on the album as Lady Charlotte Campbell: I wrote “new” so it would go to the right link and not to the other strathspey of a similar name.

Re: The Beltona Recordings, Vol. 2

“Irish Whiskey” (note the Irish spelling of whiskey with an “e”) can be found in Kerr’s Merry Melodies (1870s), but it’s also in O’Neill’s Music of Ireland (1903) and Dance Music of Ireland (1907) as “Out with the Boys” ( ).

The Beltona Shands are a joy. I used to collect them as 78rpm shellac discs, until a house move required me to curtail some of my hobbies. The dates are all probably from two recording sessions in Edinburgh, the first circa 1936, accompanied by Margaret Low on piano (tracks 1 to 6), and the second circa December 1937, accompanied by Joe Mooney on piano (tracks 7 to 11).

Re: The Beltona Recordings, Vol. 2

Hi Nigel, thanks so much for the information about the?Irish Whiskey" tune (I will correct that, as it was spelled wrong on the digital album, as was Gibralter for Gibraltar). Also, thanks for the info about Shand’s two recording sessions. I can imagine that listening to the shellac 78s was enjoyable. In looking at Shand’s repertoire of music at the time, it seems like there were quite a few sets of his that never made it into any of the collection albums, at least the ones available online.