By Barry Kerr

  1. The Ghosts Of Gullion
    The Travelling Piper
  2. The Gentleman Piper
  3. The Return Of The Pedalboard
    The Piper’s Stone
  4. Beatha ón A Bhás
    The Dawn Of Dara
  5. Clancy From Clare
    The Rambles Of Ennis
    Master Rowesome’s
  6. Of Sportsmen Bold

Two comments

Barry Kerr - Cairn (2020)

Releases December 18th, 2020.

Bandcamp page:

Some tunes were composed by Barry Kerr, some others were composed by Liam O’Flynn.

On the album:
- Barry Kerr (uileann pipes)
- Niamh Dunne (fiddle)
- Ryan Molloy (piano)

Re: Cairn

I bought it, and it’s guid. However, is it staying at 6 tracks/ EP length?