And Den Dey Made Tae

By Ross & Ryan Couper

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  1. Chadwick’s Bog
    Come Again You’re Welcome
    Callum Donaldson
  2. The Transatlantic Dance
  3. I Never Shall Wean Her
    Hold Up The Sky
  4. Da Sneug Water
    William Couper Allan Of Lower Fea
  5. Marie Claire
    Beautiful Goretree
  6. The Golden Eagle
    Lad O’ Byrnes
    Lads Of Laois
    Coast Of Austria
  7. Sandy Lell Stephen Couper
  8. Cara’s
    The Most Northerly Peatbog
    Da Lang Ayre
  9. Jessi Jo-ann Couper
  10. The Lucky Child
    Da Sixty Fathom
    The Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome To Shetland
  11. And So It Goes
  12. Tom And Jerry
  13. Tilly Plump
    Da Shaalds O Foula

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Re: And Den Dey Made Tae

Debut album (as a duo) of brothers Ross & Ryan Couper.

Here’s a comment by Chris Stout, from the sleeve notes.

If you happened to be at the Shetland Folk Festival Club, hanging from the rafters at 3am then you might be lucky enough to hear this level of raw, adrenaline fuelled musical energy. In the sober light of day it would be even more unique to hear all that played with such precision and technical brilliance as it is performed on this CD.
Of course there are moments of peaceful beauty which allow us to reflect on things. Those moments serve to make sense of the wild spirit that is abundant on this fine album but the boys keep you in the mood, a brilliant mood throughout!
Surely the most honest form of music is music that comes from the heart and on this recording Ross and Ryan wear their hearts entirely on their sleeves. I couldn’t imagine a more transparent vision into the souls of these two lads as they just sit and do what they do best, playing music naturally, honestly and with joy.
As if they needed help…but their sister knows best…a guest appearance from Mariann on the piano closes the album in true style. I love it! Shut your eyes and just picture the three of them. A beautiful, timeless image of siblings making music. It will bring a smile to your face.
Treasure this CD, it is rare, it is two brothers (and their sister) at their very best, not holding back, giving generously of themselves for our listening pleasure.

Available on Bandcamp:

Here’s a link to their “album release video” on FB.

Re: And Den Dey Made Tae

Absolutely brilliant CD from to amazing musicians.