From Bogs, Drains and Shady Lanes

By Schithereedee

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  1. The Boys Of Portaferry
    The Congress
    The Copperplate #1
    The Copperplate #2
  2. The Fast Food Song
  3. O’Carolan’s Concerto
  4. Morrison’s
    Jimmy Ward’s
  5. The Bantry Girl’s Lament
  6. Tell Her I Am
    Brendan Tonra’s
  7. Christmas Eve
    The Reel Of Rio
  8. The Fisherman’s Island
    The Cameronian
  9. The Grisly Murder Ballad
  10. The Banks Of Sullane
  11. The Limestone Rock
    The Hut In The Bog
  12. The Glencoe Massacre
  13. Fred Finn’s

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Re: "Schitheredee - From Bogs, Drains And Shady Lanes"

Tim Lyons - vocals / accordion
Fintan Vallely - vocals / flute
1988 - I think Tim and Fintan produced this recording as a "short run, own production" cassette tape to sell on UK folk club tours they were doing together at the time. I had the pleasure of booking them for Aberdeen Folk Club on a couple of occasions around that time. Great evenings of music, song and humour especially Tim’s "Grisly Murder Ballad", which is hilarious.

I’m sure that some of the links can be added to some of the tune titles, and will do so soon.

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