Early Fare, Volume Two

By Pratie Heads

  1. The Lord Of Drum
  2. I Live Not Where I Love
  3. The Black Fox
  4. Kiss Quick, Mother’s Coming
    Peter And David
  5. Tuppence On The Rope
  6. Barleygrain For Me
  7. Though I Go To Bed, Little Do I Sleep
    Lord President Forbes’
    The Haggis
  8. Bonny May (The Shepherdess)
  9. Trip To Durrow
    Byker Hill
    The Bishop
    Orleans Baffled
  10. The Road To Drumleman
  11. Maxwell’s Rant
    The Random
  12. The Beggar Song
  13. The Bold Robber
  14. Shieling In The Braes Of Rannoch
  15. The Long Pegging Awl
  16. Rock And A Wee Pickle Tow
    White Petticoat
    Market Town
  17. Todlin’ Home
  18. Dalkeith’s Strathspey, Lady Caroline Montague
  19. Peter And David (reprise)